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Floods are Destructive, Flood Insurance can Help

Smart homeowners everywhere understand the value of having flood insurance because when it comes to our homes, prevention can save money, time, and headaches. That is also why Omaha, NE, homeowners turn to Insurance Solutions LLC for all their flood insurance needs. 

In addition to the risks and damage floods can cause, they are also expensive. According to one Forbes report, "… the average cost of water damage restoration is between $1,300 and $5,600." And that doesn’t count the cost of repairing water-damaged items or replacing items destroyed or lost in the flood.

Flood Insurance for Recovery from the Flood

Floods are destructive. Flood insurance can help. From the expense of cleaning up after a flood to repairing damage to the home, flood insurance eases the burden and expense of flood recovery. 

And when our valuables are damaged, flood insurance can pay for repairs. Unfortunately, floods can destroy or wash away items we value or treasure. The good news, however, is that those items can be replaced with the right flood insurance coverage.

Sometimes floods come without warning, and even when we have alerts, there is little anyone can do when Mother Nature rears her mighty head. Fortunately, what we can do is prepare for even the most turbulent waters with flood insurance solutions.

For the Flood Insurance Solutions You Need

If you are a homeowner in or around the Omaha, NE, area, and have questions about flood insurance or are looking for flood insurance coverage, our experienced and professional team at Insurance Solutions LLC can help. Contact us to learn more and get the flood insurance you need and deserve today.

Do you need flood insurance if you already have homeowners insurance?

Floods are one of the most common and destructive natural disasters, yet many homeowners here in the Omaha, NE area don’t realize they need extra protection from them. Home insurance typically doesn’t cover flooding, so if you live in an area that’s susceptible to flooding, it’s important to get flood insurance in addition to your regular home insurance policy.

Even if your home isn’t located in a high-risk zone for floods, it can still be a smart idea to get flood insurance from Insurance Solutions LLC as unexpected floods can occur anywhere.   

Importance of Flood Insurance

Flood insurance can help protect you from the high costs of property damage, loss of personal items, and other flood-related emergencies. It’s important to understand what is and isn’t covered by your policy so that you’re adequately protected no matter what happens. That way, if a flood does occur, you can be sure that you’ll have the coverage you need. 

In addition to protecting you against property damage, flood insurance can also help protect against the costs of repairing or replacing items due to water damage caused by a flood. This includes furniture, electronics, appliances, and other personal belongings that may be destroyed or lost in a flood. It’s important to note that many standard homeowners insurance policies don’t cover flood damage, so it’s important to make sure that your policy has the right coverage. 

Reach Out To Us

The good news is that flood insurance is relatively affordable and easy to obtain. Contact us at Insurance Solutions LLC today to learn more about how you can protect yourself and your property with the added peace of mind of having flood insurance coverage! At Insurance Solutions LLC, we are proud to serve the Omaha, NE area.

What homes require flood insurance?

Residing in Omaha, NE carries a certain risk of flooding, typically caused by heavy rains that overtop levees. That might sound like coastal Louisiana, but in 2019 heavy rains washed out roads in Omaha and damaged homes. That spring, the state faced more than $1.3 billion in flood damage. Insurance Solutions LLC in Omaha, NE can help you navigate all your insurance needs, including flood coverage.

What homes require flood insurance?

Inland Nebraska carries some of the same risks as coastal areas, and for this reason, certain homes in Omaha and the surrounding areas require flood insurance under federal law. Insurance Solutions LLC wants you to understand when the federal government requires you to ensure your home against flood and when it simply makes a good idea to do so.

When You Purchase a Home

The law requires the seller to reveal that the home requires flood insurance. The Realtor typically includes this information in the listing along with the estimated cost of homeowners’ insurance.

If it doesn’t appear there, you’ll find the information in the home sales document. You should read these documents in detail before signing them so you know of any requirements. You can also look it up at your local county or city planning office.

When FEMA Re-draws Its Maps

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) constantly researches flood areas in the US and draws and redraws its flood maps. By consistently updating its flood information, it improves the safety of the residents of an area by updating the maps and apprising them of the need to institute better flood preparations.

Flood Damages Your Home

When your home incurs flood damage, if you weren’t already required to carry the insurance, that requirement may get added. You might also have to repair your home under certain conditions, such as raising it above the highest flood level. This could mean raising it on stilts, such as the beach houses on the east coast.

Give Us A Call

Contact Insurance Solutions LLC in Omaha, NE for more information on flood insurance. Let us help you obtain the coverage your home needs to remain legal and to cover potential losses in the case of a flood.

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