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Motorcycles and Insurance: What You Need to Know

Owning your own motorcycle provides a great way to travel and save money. However, getting the most out of your motorcycle ownership requires making intelligent decisions, including insurance decisions. Here at Insurance Solutions LLC, serving Omaha, NE, and the surrounding areas, we can help you make those smart choices. Here are a few things you need to know about motorcycle insurance.

Required By Law

First, you need to be aware that motorcycle insurance is required by law. A motorcycle isn’t a recreational vehicle like some other things. It’s considered a street-legal vehicle and requires adequate, minimum insurance coverage. If you fail to keep the proper coverage on your bike, you can face stiff legal and financial consequences. 

Needed to Protect Your Investment

Buying a motorcycle is a significant expense, and you want to do everything you can to protect your investment. If you’re in an accident, even just a single-vehicle accident, and your bike is damaged or totaled, the cost of repairs or replacement of that bike will come out of your pocket. This could create a financial hardship, especially if you depend on the motorcycle as you remain the method of transportation. You can protect your investment by purchasing the proper motorcycle insurance.

Helps Avoid Legal Consequences

A motorcycle is a higher-risk vehicle than a car or truck, so insurance is even more important. Suppose you fail to keep proper insurance, and you damage another vehicle or cause injuries to someone. In that case, you will be held legally responsible for the expenses of the property damage or their medical expenses. Insurance can help pay for these expenses.

If you’re seeking motorcycle coverage, please get in touch with us today at Insurance Solutions LLC, serving Omaha, NE, and the surrounding areas.

Now’s the time to take a closer look at your boat policy

If you own a boat and live in Omaha, NE, or one of the surrounding communities, you can count on the Insurance Solutions LLC team for all your policy needs. We understand how much enjoyment having a boat can bring to your life and how important it is to protect your investment. Contact our office today to learn more about the boat policy options that are currently available in our area or to have us review your current policy.

Get ready for boat season with a policy review.

The right boat insurance policy can help prevent headaches down the road, especially if your craft is involved in a mishap. It’s important to closely examine your policy before you get your boat out on the water each year. This step will help you recognize any gaps in coverage that may develop due to changes in the way you use or store your boat.

Don’t be caught without the protection you need. The right policy can also provide features like coverage when you’re towing your vessel to the water or when it’s stored in a dry dock. Now’s an ideal time to sit down with your local agent to review your current and future needs and assess the appropriateness of the boat policy you currently have. 

We’re here to help you protect your boat!

Insurance Solutions LLC is proud to serve the insurance needs of residents in the greater Omaha, NE, area. If you have questions about your boat policy or another type of insurance, we’re here to help. Call our office or stop by today to learn more about our friendly and helpful services.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Tips for Making Umbrella Insurance Claims Easy

The umbrella insurance claim process doesn’t need to be as overwhelming or challenging as it’s often made out to be. Here’s a simple guide designed to help streamline the process and alleviate potential stress.

Tip #1: Furnish All Required Information

Different incidents require different sets of information. Always make sure to submit all the relevant data to your primary insurance firm. A comprehensive and accurate set of information raises the odds of your claim getting a favorable verdict. Upon approval, the umbrella insurance kicks in automatically after your primary insurance has reached its limit.

Tip #2: Get in Touch With Your Umbrella Insurance Provider

It’s advisable to call your umbrella insurance provider right after filing your claim with your primary insurer. Umbrella insurance policies differ, and some may not initiate without your prompt. Early engagement ensures swift handling of your claim so you can swiftly move past the incident.

Keep the Process Simple and Stress-Free

As demonstrated here, the umbrella insurance claims process can indeed be hassle-free. Filing the claim with your primary insurer, furnishing pertinent information, and keeping your umbrella insurer duly informed are key steps toward that end.

Your Search for a Reliable Insurance Partner Ends Here

For residents of Omaha, NE looking for a dependable insurance company, look no further. At Insurance Solutions LLC, we’re keen to welcome you to our family of clients. Whether you’re local or out of state, we offer extensive coverage types tailored to your needs. Reach out to us today for a quote.

Floods are Destructive, Flood Insurance can Help

Smart homeowners everywhere understand the value of having flood insurance because when it comes to our homes, prevention can save money, time, and headaches. That is also why Omaha, NE, homeowners turn to Insurance Solutions LLC for all their flood insurance needs. 

In addition to the risks and damage floods can cause, they are also expensive. According to one Forbes report, "… the average cost of water damage restoration is between $1,300 and $5,600." And that doesn’t count the cost of repairing water-damaged items or replacing items destroyed or lost in the flood.

Flood Insurance for Recovery from the Flood

Floods are destructive. Flood insurance can help. From the expense of cleaning up after a flood to repairing damage to the home, flood insurance eases the burden and expense of flood recovery. 

And when our valuables are damaged, flood insurance can pay for repairs. Unfortunately, floods can destroy or wash away items we value or treasure. The good news, however, is that those items can be replaced with the right flood insurance coverage.

Sometimes floods come without warning, and even when we have alerts, there is little anyone can do when Mother Nature rears her mighty head. Fortunately, what we can do is prepare for even the most turbulent waters with flood insurance solutions.

For the Flood Insurance Solutions You Need

If you are a homeowner in or around the Omaha, NE, area, and have questions about flood insurance or are looking for flood insurance coverage, our experienced and professional team at Insurance Solutions LLC can help. Contact us to learn more and get the flood insurance you need and deserve today.

How Does My Recent Divorce Affect My Life Insurance Needs?

Divorce in Nebraska affects your life insurance needs in several important ways, especially if the judge grants your spouse an order of support. The expectation in that event, according to Nebraska’s laws, requires life insurance coverage to continue, with your former spouse as the beneficiary. If the court does not grant support, however, you do not have to keep your former spouse covered under the policy, nor would your estate pay any death benefits.

How long does my ex-spouse’s rider stay valid?

As per legal requirements of Nebraska, your spouse’s rider continues until you notify your insurance provider.  You may email, mail, or hand-deliver written notice of your divorce to our main office at Insurance Solutions LLC in Omaha, NE. Once received, we will write your new policy ASAP.

When does my spouse have to start paying their part of the premium?

Your spouse will begin paying their premium as of the date we receive notice that your divorce is final if they intend to continue their policy with us. Notify us in writing as soon as possible so that we bill the correct person. Speak with our agents here at Insurance Solutions LLC, in Omaha, NE about your options.

What steps will allow me to remove my ex-spouse as a beneficiary from my life insurance?

You cannot remove your ex-spouse as a beneficiary in Nebraska if the court determines that you must continue supporting them. However, if no order of support exists, we will stop billing you for their policy. Instead, after your spouse lets us know they wish to continue their life insurance coverage separately from the current policy, we will write new policies for you both and discuss all changes.

Auto Insurance Coverage For Young Drivers In Nebraska

The chance to drive as a teen is exciting for many and a source of worry for many parents. At Insurance Solutions LLC, we help parents in Omaha, NE navigate the additional costs of insurance for a young driver here. We also recognize that, as the NE Department of Insurance notes, driving is a high-risk activity for inexperienced young drivers, and avoiding serious or fatal accidents is important. Managing your financial costs and exposure is important, as well as creating a realistic structure for teenage driving. That means considering factors like whether you add a driver to your family car, purchase an additional car for the young driver and insure it separately, or work with your child to earn the money for their vehicle and insurance.

In other words, raising a young driver is both a parenting challenge, as well as a matter of changes in your insurance premiums. We’ll be glad to help with the latter and help you limit your family’s financial exposure. After all, many insurance companies consider drivers under age 25 to be a higher risk, even if they have a clean driving record.

Preparing Young Drivers After Years of Gaming

Parents and their young drivers face challenges like transitioning from simulated driving in video games, with unrealistic settings and vehicle operation, and a lack of real-world consequences such as speeding tickets and accidents. Over-focusing on texting also makes being a safe young driver a challenge. Young drivers in Omaha, NE may get a school learner permit at 14, a learner’s permit at 15, and a provisional operator’s permit or POP at 16, when they begin to make unsupervised decisions. Our Insurance Solutions LLC team can help you with pointers toward teen driver educational resources that can help parents guide them.

Can Roommates Get Renters Insurance Together?

Getting renters insurance with a roommate might seem to make sense. When sharing a kitchen, common living room, and often food, why not also share an insurance policy? After all, you could split premiums and pay half. While it’s true that getting renters insurance together would let you split premiums, this is generally advised against for a few different reasons.

Renters Insurance: Making An Independent Choice

Renters Insurance Fits Your Budget

One of the primary misconceptions is that renters insurance is costly, thus necessitating a shared policy to save money. Renters insurance is generally affordable, though, and can easily fit into the budgets of most renters in Omaha, NE. To see how affordable it is, we at Insurance Solutions LLC can help you check policies.

You Control the Features of the Policy

With your own policy, you control the coverage deductibles and limits. Purchasing one with your roommate requires that you both agree on these terms, and your roommate might want less coverage than you.

Getting Paid for a Claim Could be Delayed

Sharing a renters insurance policy with a roommate can lead to complications if you need to file a claim. Both policyholders must agree on the details of the claim, which can be difficult if there’s a falling out between you and your roommate. It also could be minorly delayed if your roommate leaves Omaha, NE later and is difficult to reach. If they don’t sign papers promptly for any reason, your claim payment could be delayed at a time when you especially need it.

Your Roommate’s Claim Could Increase Your Future Rates

If your roommate files a claim, it could increase the premiums for both of you. Even if the claim is only for your roommate, your future rates would likely rise.

Get Renters Insurance

If you’re in Omaha, NE and need renters insurance, contact us at Insurance Services LLC today. 

Common Situations Covered By Motorhome Insurance

Motorhomes are a home away from home for many individuals and families in Omaha, NE. They can be the catalyst for countless memories, from multi-week road trips to weekend getaways. But unfortunately, disasters can strike at any time. When they do, it’s important to have the right insurance coverage in place to protect your finances.

With so many coverage options and policy types, it can be hard to know what you can expect from your insurance provider. Luckily, the team here at Insurance Solutions LLC can help.

Accidents Involving Other Vehicles or Property

Motorhomes are a major investment, and when they are involved in an accident, the repair costs can be overwhelming. Fortunately, collision insurance is one of the most common forms of coverage for motorhomes and is available with countless deductible and monthly premium options. This type of policy can help you avoid paying for the total cost of repairs to your motorhome and the other cars or property involved out of pocket.

Natural Disasters and Other Events

With weather patterns becoming increasingly unpredictable, damage from wind, hail, debris, flooding, and more is likely to become more common. To make matters worse, some individuals learn that the broken windshield on their motorhome caused by a tree limb isn’t covered by their insurance because they only have collision coverage. That’s where comprehensive policies come in. They can pick up where your collision or liability policy leaves off and provide increased protection in the event of a natural disaster.

We Are Here To Help

If you own a motorhome in Omaha, NE and need help finding the right insurance policy, Insurance Solutions LLC can help! We’ll work with you to find the right coverage for your needs without breaking the bank.

Does RV Insurance Cover Theft of Personal Property?

If you plan to rent an RV to set out on the road to adventure or spend quality time with your family, you’ll want adequate insurance to cover the RV and your property. If you would like to learn more about RV insurance, you can count on Insurance Solutions LLC to provide top-quality insurance products and services to the Omaha, NE area residents.

RV Insurance Coverage 

When you rent your RV, the rental company may offer RV insurance. The policy they provide may not be enough coverage and may not cover your personal property. Some RV insurance policies cover the RV in terms of liability and other potential add-ons and may also include theft of personal property. However, each insurance policy is different, so it’s essential to understand the terms and conditions and have a helpful insurance agent explain what is and what is not covered to avoid surprises and losses due to covered risks.

Our team can work with you to determine which policies offer the best coverage and security for your particular needs. We strive to also provide you with information and education about the terms and conditions of each policy, so you can make an informed choice. Our commitment to customer service doesn’t end with the policy sale. We continue to offer our services for changes and claims submission during the policy’s lifetime. 

Contact Us

If you want to secure an RV policy or learn more about the other products and services we offer at Insurance Solutions LLC, contact us today. We look forward to serving the residents in and around the Omaha, NE area. 

How to discover new roads for a motorcycle ride and adventure?

Discovering new roads and adventures for your motorcycle can be exhilarating for those who love the open road. If you are looking to explore a new journey, Insurance Solutions LLC in Omaha, NE offers this guidance on the ways to discover new routes for riding adventures. 

In addition to family and friends recommending a motorcycle adventure, the following are other ways to discover a new scenic and motorcycle-friendly journey:

Discovering New Motorcycle Adventures

Application & Online Route Planner

There are several options, including the motorcycle mode on Google Maps and Scenic, among others. In addition, check out GPS Navigational Devices, some of which are designed specifically for motorcycles.

Online Motorcycle Forums/Meet-ups/Clubs

Fellow riders often love sharing their insights and favorite rides, so tap into their experience.

Travel Guides & Motorcycle Magazines

Motorcycle magazines and travel guides often have featured articles highlighting great riding options.

Attend Motorcycle Events/Rallies/Shows

This place is great for connecting with like-minded riders and learning about hard-to-find rides.

Tourist Information Centers

Most states and localities set up tourist info centers or bureaus that offer insight and maps about the area, including available tourist sites and scenic rides. Most local chamber of commerce offices also offer online info regarding scenic journeys.

Road Atlases & Maps

Regional road atlases that are specifically designed for motorcyclists often emphasize lesser-known bike rides.

National/State Park Roads – Historic Byways

The country’s national and state parks provide motorcyclists with incredible and stunning natural landscapes.

Schedule A Consultation Today!

For more information regarding the ways to protect you and your motorcycle, contact the insurance professionals at Insurance Solutions LLC in Omaha, NE. We look forward to solving your insurance requirements and needs.

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