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How to discover new roads for a motorcycle ride and adventure?

Discovering new roads and adventures for your motorcycle can be exhilarating for those who love the open road. If you are looking to explore a new journey, Insurance Solutions LLC in Omaha, NE offers this guidance on the ways to discover new routes for riding adventures. 

In addition to family and friends recommending a motorcycle adventure, the following are other ways to discover a new scenic and motorcycle-friendly journey:

Discovering New Motorcycle Adventures

Application & Online Route Planner

There are several options, including the motorcycle mode on Google Maps and Scenic, among others. In addition, check out GPS Navigational Devices, some of which are designed specifically for motorcycles.

Online Motorcycle Forums/Meet-ups/Clubs

Fellow riders often love sharing their insights and favorite rides, so tap into their experience.

Travel Guides & Motorcycle Magazines

Motorcycle magazines and travel guides often have featured articles highlighting great riding options.

Attend Motorcycle Events/Rallies/Shows

This place is great for connecting with like-minded riders and learning about hard-to-find rides.

Tourist Information Centers

Most states and localities set up tourist info centers or bureaus that offer insight and maps about the area, including available tourist sites and scenic rides. Most local chamber of commerce offices also offer online info regarding scenic journeys.

Road Atlases & Maps

Regional road atlases that are specifically designed for motorcyclists often emphasize lesser-known bike rides.

National/State Park Roads – Historic Byways

The country’s national and state parks provide motorcyclists with incredible and stunning natural landscapes.

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For more information regarding the ways to protect you and your motorcycle, contact the insurance professionals at Insurance Solutions LLC in Omaha, NE. We look forward to solving your insurance requirements and needs.

Safety Supplies for Your Boat

If you are a boat owner, the safety of your passengers should be a top priority. One of the ways you can keep your passengers safe is by having the right safety supplies on board before you ever set out. Here at Insurance Solutions LLC serving Omaha, NE we want to help you get the most out of your boat ownership.

Learn more about boat safety supplies:

First Aid

Some of the most important safety supplies that you will need to keep stocked up on your boat will be first aid supplies. You should have a marine-grade first aid kit on board that is up-to-date and adequately stocked. If you do not provide adequate first aid on your boat, you could be held liable for injuries, especially if you are unable to properly care for a passenger’s injuries before getting them back to land. 

Life Jackets

As a boat owner, you also have a responsibility to provide life jackets for your passengers. Although there are no clear-cut laws governing this practice, you should be aware that if someone is injured because they didn’t have a life vest available on your boat, you could be held liable for their injury or death. This is a very serious matter that you should not take lightly. 

Survival Supplies

Another thing that you should keep in mind when stocking up your boat would be survival supplies. If you and your passengers are stranded for some reason on your boat, you will need food, water, and blankets. You can never predict exactly what might happen when you take your boat out which is why you need to be prepared.

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If you would like to learn more about boat insurance or any of our other insurance products, please contact us at Insurance Solutions LLC serving the greater Omaha, NE metroplex.

How Does Umbrella Insurance Work?

It’s always good to have as much insurance coverage as you can in case of serious incidents. When you have a home policy and an auto policy, you may need an additional policy to improve the coverage you have. This type of policy is called umbrella insurance. It’s an extra policy that can be added on top of the other two for better coverage. 

When you want to be prepared in case of serious accidents, you need an umbrella policy. Call us at Insurance Solutions LLC in Omaha, NE to find out more. 

Liability Coverage

Liability coverage is extremely important. You should have enough of it to pay for a serious accident. These accidents can have sky-high medical and other bills. When you get umbrella insurance, it adds extra liability protection on top of the protection you get from your home and auto policies. Those two policies often don’t have very much liability coverage in them. With umbrella insurance, you add an enormous amount of liability coverage onto both policies at once. This will allow a very expensive accident to be paid off by insurance. 

A Worthwhile Investment

If you want extra liability insurance, why don’t you just add more coverage onto your home and auto policies directly? Many people don’t do this because it costs so much. It’s very expensive to add directly to your home and auto policies. However, umbrella insurance is very reasonably priced. It doesn’t cost much to get a large amount of coverage that may come in handy. An expensive accident can cost a lot, and you don’t want to be left to pay for it from your own pocket. 

Get Umbrella Insurance 

If you need more liability coverage for your home and vehicle, give us a call at Insurance Solutions LLC in Omaha, NE to get started. 

Do you need flood insurance if you already have homeowners insurance?

Floods are one of the most common and destructive natural disasters, yet many homeowners here in the Omaha, NE area don’t realize they need extra protection from them. Home insurance typically doesn’t cover flooding, so if you live in an area that’s susceptible to flooding, it’s important to get flood insurance in addition to your regular home insurance policy.

Even if your home isn’t located in a high-risk zone for floods, it can still be a smart idea to get flood insurance from Insurance Solutions LLC as unexpected floods can occur anywhere.   

Importance of Flood Insurance

Flood insurance can help protect you from the high costs of property damage, loss of personal items, and other flood-related emergencies. It’s important to understand what is and isn’t covered by your policy so that you’re adequately protected no matter what happens. That way, if a flood does occur, you can be sure that you’ll have the coverage you need. 

In addition to protecting you against property damage, flood insurance can also help protect against the costs of repairing or replacing items due to water damage caused by a flood. This includes furniture, electronics, appliances, and other personal belongings that may be destroyed or lost in a flood. It’s important to note that many standard homeowners insurance policies don’t cover flood damage, so it’s important to make sure that your policy has the right coverage. 

Reach Out To Us

The good news is that flood insurance is relatively affordable and easy to obtain. Contact us at Insurance Solutions LLC today to learn more about how you can protect yourself and your property with the added peace of mind of having flood insurance coverage! At Insurance Solutions LLC, we are proud to serve the Omaha, NE area.

Why Life Insurance is a Smart Choice for Homeowners

Protecting home and family is a top priority for most of us, so it makes sense that Omaha, NE homeowners want to protect their home and family as much as possible. Getting life insurance adds another layer of financial protection that can help shield your family from the devastating effects of a drastic financial loss in the event of your unexpected passing. 

Licensed insurance agents at Insurance Solutions LLC can help you choose the best life insurance policy for your needs. 

Benefits of Life Insurance

Your home and family are protected when you have life insurance that can pay off large debts like your home mortgage without your loved ones having to bear the financial burden of meeting a monthly mortgage payment. 

Protect Your Family’s Financial Future

The best way to protect your family’s financial future is to make smart financial decisions. 

Make Cash Withdrawals and Get Debt Relief

Many people aren’t aware that life insurance policies can cover more than just the cost of funerals and final expenses for the deceased. 

Get Peace of Mind When You Know Your Family is Protected

Life insurance acts as a financial security blanket that can help cover the cost of your children’s college education and pay off your mortgage.

Policies with cash value can be borrowed against or even withdrawn to supplement your retirement income. 

Get a Life Insurance Quote Today

Don’t wait until it’s too late! Learn more about the benefits of life insurance and how much you can expect to pay for a monthly or annual policy. If you’re a homeowner in Omaha, NE and considering adding life insurance to your financial plan, contact a licensed insurance agent at Insurance Solutions LLC for a free life insurance quote! 

Auto Insurance Claims: How to File and What to Expect

Car accidents can happen to anyone at any time. When you are involved in an accident in the Omaha, NE area, it can be a very stressful experience. However, if you have prepared yourself beforehand by knowing how to file an auto insurance claim with Insurance Solutions LLC, it can help ease some of the stress. 

Steps to Take After an Accident

The first thing you need to do after an accident is to make sure you are safe. Call for medical help if anyone is injured. Once everyone is okay, you should collect information about the other driver, such as their name, address, phone number, driver’s license number, and insurance information. Take pictures of the damage to both vehicles and the accident site. Contact your insurer as soon as possible to report the accident, even if you are not at fault.

How to File an Auto Insurance Claim

Most insurance companies have an online portal where you can file a claim. Make sure you have all of your information about the accident and your policy number ready before you start the process. You will need to fill out a claims form and submit it along with any supporting documentation, such as the police report, pictures, and witness statements. You may also need to provide proof of loss, which is typically an estimate of the costs to repair or replace your vehicle.

What to Expect During the Claims Process

After you file a claim, the insurance company will assign a claims adjuster to investigate the accident and assess the damages. This process can take several days or even weeks. During this time, the insurer will communicate with you about the progress of your claim and any paperwork you need to provide. Once the adjuster evaluates your Omaha, NE claim, they will determine if your policy covers the damages and, if so, the amount of payment you will receive.

We Are Here To Help

At the end of the day, filing an auto insurance claim can be a complicated process, but being prepared can make it more manageable. By knowing the steps to take after an accident, how to file a claim, and what to expect during the process, you can ensure that you are adequately compensated for any damages or injuries resulting from an accident. If you have any questions about your policy or the claims process, be sure to contact us at Insurance Solutions LLC for assistance. 

Renters Insurance Protects Your Personal Property

Are you a renter in the Omaha, NE area? If so, Insurance Solutions LLC can provide you with the insurance all renters need.

What is renters insurance?

It protects your personal belongings against loss or damage and protects you in case someone is injured while on your property. The premiums are very affordable, averaging between $15 and $30 per month, depending on your location, the size of your rental unit, and your possessions.

Remember that your landlord’s coverage is for the structure of the building. It will not insure your personal property. Some people assume that their owner/landlord has insurance coverage that protects them against loss, therefore choose to go without this coverage.

Your personal possessions that you have worked hard to acquire should be insured against damage or loss. If your home or apartment becomes uninhabitable due to damage, some policies will cover the cost of a hotel and other living expenses.

There are two basic renters insurance policies:

  • The broad form covers personal property against events such as theft or fire. This is more commonly purchased. Typical coverage under this type of insurance covers damage from lightning, fire, smoke, explosion, theft, vandalism, and water-related damage from property utilities.
  • The comprehensive form provides more extensive coverage for a variety of events unless specifically excluded by the insurance policy. The premiums for this policy could be higher. If you live in an area prone to flooding or violent storms, you will need to purchase a policy that addresses this concern.

Reach Out To Us

Make sure your personal possessions are protected. For just a few dollars a day or less, you can ensure that if something happens in your rental unit, you will be able to replace all your belongings.

Insurance Solutions LLC in Omaha, NE can provide a quote or answers to any questions you may have. Contact us today.

Does motorhome insurance cover mold and mildew?

Owning a motorhome is a great way to explore the open road, but it can also come with its own set of risks. One of those risks is damage due to mold and mildew. While motorhome insurance generally covers much of the damage that could occur while you’re on the road, there can be some confusion around what types of coverage are included when it comes to mold and mildew.

Insurance Solutions LLC takes a closer look at what Omaha, NE motorhome insurance covers in relation to mold and mildew so that you can make sure your vehicle is adequately protected. 

What Is Covered by Motorhome Insurance? 

When it comes to motorhomes, most standard policies cover physical damage such as theft, vandalism, fire, hail, windstorm, and other incidents related to these perils. The policy may also include liability coverage for bodily injury or property damage caused by any accident involving your motorhome.

In addition, many policies will include medical payments coverage for medical expenses incurred in an accident involving your motorhome. However, when it comes to mold and mildew damage, most policies do not cover this type of damage unless it is specifically listed in the policy as a covered peril. 

Does Motorhome Insurance Cover Mold & Mildew Damage? 

It depends on the individual policy since every insurer has different terms and conditions. Generally speaking though, most Omaha, NE policies do not include coverage for mold or mildew-related damages unless they are specifically listed as being part of the policy’s coverage limits.

But some insurers may offer additional coverage if you purchase a separate rider that provides specific protection against mold or mildew damage.

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Contact Insurance Solutions LLC today and we can help you find the coverage you need.

Preparing your RV for winter weather

If you plan to travel during the winter months, it’s important to prepare your RV for the colder weather. This will help ensure that your vehicle stays in good condition so that you can enjoy a safe and worry-free road trip.

There are several things that you can do to get your RV ready for winter. Besides providing RV coverage for residents in the greater Omaha, NE community, our team of experts at Insurance Solutions LLC can assist you with tips for preparing your RV.

Some of these include:

1. Check all fluids, including engine oil, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, brake fluid, coolant, and windshield washer fluid. Make sure they are filled at the appropriate levels and replace any fluids as needed.

2. Inspect the tires on your RV and make sure that they have enough tread depth left to handle snow and ice – if necessary, consider getting winter tires.

3. Consider getting a set of tire chains to use in case you get stuck, especially if you live in an area that often gets snow or ice.

4. Inspect the wiper blades and replace any that are worn, brittle, or cracked. You’ll want to make sure that your windshield is clear and unobstructed at all times while driving in winter weather conditions.

5. Check your headlights to make sure they’re working properly and don’t have any foggy or yellowed lenses – this can greatly impact your visibility when it’s snowing or raining heavily outside. Additionally, consider installing fog lights on your RV if you know that you’ll be traveling through foggy areas during the winter season.

Get Coverage For Your RV Today

Preparing your RV for winter weather is an important task if you plan to do any traveling during the colder months. For more tips on how to care for your RV, call Insurance Solutions LLC today. We proudly serve the Omaha, NE area. 

Important safety tips for motorcycle riders

Insurance Solutions LLC is happy to provide motorcycle insurance coverage for our Omaha, NE clients. We also can offer related guidance on motorcycle safety tips.

Motorcycle riders need to be aware of the dangers that come with riding on the open road. In order to stay safe, there are a few basic precautions that everyone should take.

Here are a few tips to make sure you stay safe while out on two wheels:

1. Wear a helmet – this is the most important safety precaution you can take. A helmet can protect you from serious head injuries in the event of a crash. Make sure your helmet fits properly and is in good condition.

2. Make sure your bike is in good working order before taking it out for a ride. Check the tires, brakes, and oil levels before hitting the road.

3. Use reflective gear to make yourself more visible to other drivers. brightly colored clothing and reflective tape can help others see you better, especially at night or in low-light conditions.

4. Ride defensively and be aware of your surroundings at all times. always be aware of other cars and pedestrians, and be prepared to take evasive action if necessary.

5. Obey all traffic laws. Motorcycle riders are subject to the same traffic laws as car drivers, so be sure to know them and obey them at all times.

6. Drink responsibly if you’re going to be riding while intoxicated. Riding a motorcycle while impaired is extremely dangerous and can result in serious injury or death.

7. Take a motorcycle safety course to learn the basics of riding safely. A good safety course will teach you how to ride safely in different conditions, how to handle emergency situations, and how to avoid accidents.

Get Insurance Coverage For Your Motorcycle Today

For more motorcycle safety tips, call Insurance Solutions LLC today. We proudly serve Omaha, NE and surrounding areas. 

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